Eight Products You Think You Need—But Don't

Eight Products You Think You Need—But Don't

Trent Johnson
Jun 14, 2010

Need more incentive to cut down on your supply of bathroom products? How about if you were told that some of those personal products you use aren't really necessary? GOOD magazine has put together a list of eight products that they claim "you think you need, but don't." I've only ever used one of these but my wife uses four. See what you think, and tell us whether you'd be able to give up these frequently used personal items.

GOOD magazine says you don't really need to buy these eight personal care products. Well, do you buy it? I mean, could you do with out these? I'm down to just one of these eight (shaving cream) but that's as far as I go: I'm not giving up my shaving cream.

Let us know in the comments what products below you could do without.
  • Lip Balm: According to the article, left alone, most lips can maintain their own moisture balance just fine.
  • Foot Cream: GOOD says we might as well just use a standard allover lotion on our feet rather than buy something specially formulated for feet.
  • Toner: The idea behind toner is that it helps restore balance to your skin, but you can prevent the disruption in balance to begin with by using a more earth-friendly soap.
  • Body Scrub: An easy replacement for body scrub is a natural loofah or wash cloth which can serve the same purpose.
  • Leave-In Conditioner: According to GOOD, most of us can skip leave-in conditioners and use a more gentle sulfate-free shampoo for healthy and earth-friendly hair.
  • Shaving Cream and Aftershave: Recommendations for shaving cream replacements include shaving oils, conditioner, or even simple soap, which can work just as well without the harsh chemicals. Aftershave, on the other hand, is generally used to "close your pores" or to restore balance to the skin. Turns out, your pores will close by themselves and using shaving cream with less chemicals will keep your skin more in balance.
  • Body Wash: Instead of purchasing a separate and often non-eco-friendly packaged product, GOOD says that an all-purpose soap like Dr. Bronner's can work just as well.

See the entire rationale behind these recommendations at GOOD.

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