Faltazi Lab Ekokook Makes Cooking an Environmental Affair

Faltazi Lab Ekokook Makes Cooking an Environmental Affair

Range Govindan
Feb 11, 2010

It's no secret that we create quite a bit of waste by living in our homes. There must be some way of recycling all of that waste efficiently. That's what Faltazi Lab tackled in their latest project. The Ekokook is a kitchen for a sustainable future.

Ekokook was initially designed in order to reduce the ecological footprint of people's homes. This kitchen will reduce the footprint to its barest minimum, and even produce some green energy. It will reduce energy consumption and will allow people to properly manage the waste created by their kitchens.

The Ekokook turns every by-product of cooking into a new resource.

  • A shredder rips apart paper and then turns the shreds into briquettes.
  • An endless screw crushes cans and water bottles.
  • A built-in double sink with a water reservoir and two pitchers collects gray water that you can then use to water plants -- you can save up to 15 litres a day.
  • A drum-shaped earthworm composter uses earthworms to break down organic wastes from left-overs, fruit and vegetable peelings, and scrapings.

The pendant lamps, vents, and pot holders serve a dual purpose as bulk storage and herb garden containers that can be watered via the gray water collector mentioned above.

For more detailed diagrams of this amazing concept, check out Ekokook's site. We know the type got a bit squished when we sized these images down.

[via Appliancist]

(Images: Ekokook)

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