Electric Scooter Lawn Mower

Electric Scooter Lawn Mower

Sarah Rae Smith
Mar 18, 2010

Vicky Petihovsky liked the idea of electric lawnmowers, but decided those who chose this method to take care of their lawns were missing out on the "fun" of owning a riding lawnmower. Taking matters into her own hands she's designed this ride-on scooter lawn mower. Although it's cute, we see several problems with this aesthetically pleasing product.

The cutting blade for this lawn mower rests between the two front wheels of the scooter. The white compartment on the front is where it stores it's clippings and the electric motor runs everything at the same time.

Although the idea of zipping around a yard on a scooter sounds like fun, we think there's a few problems that might arise. For starters, falling off a lawnmower, no matter if you're sitting or standing is no joking matter and this looks like it would increase that change. It also collects clippings while most of us would much prefer them to be chopped up and spread back across our lawns helping to mulch things up without bagging or disposal (even though the compost pile would be an alternative). Last but not least, if you have a small enough yard to "scooter-mow" is it really that big of pain to walk the few short laps it takes with a regular electric or reel mower? We think not.

Do you like the concept of the Scooter Lawn Mower? Or will you be sticking to other options if this goes into production any time soon?

(via: Yanko Design)
(Image: Vicky Petihovsky)

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