Elements of Living Premier Party

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Party month. Are you looking for a magazine that is a cross between Lucky and Architectural Digest? Are you fed up with shelter magazines and just want to know where to buy stuff? Then Elements of Living is your new thang.

We attended the premier party for this new bi-monthly magazine at BDDW last night wearing our new Michael Moore inspired Apartment Therapy Truckers Cap and were suitably impressed.

Founded by Chris Kincaid and Kira Gould, EOL is expected to roll out by subscription only for the first year, and it might just have the formula that it needs to survive this tough niche: shopping with style.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Some features:

  • The Main Attraction: Your Sofa – A primer on building the best seat in the house….
  • Market Scout: a long list of the latest design products
  • Design Online: designers recommend the best cyber sources
  • An in-depth source guide to the best in custom furniture
  • The Handmade Tale: a behind the scenes tour of custom workrooms in NYC
  • Closet Case: on how best to approach customizing your closet & resources

    We have already torn out half a dozen good resources to blog and look forward to more. MGR

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