Elfa Shelving Houses Media Center Using Hardwood

Elfa Shelving Houses Media Center Using Hardwood

Sonia Zjawinski
Oct 21, 2009

We've posted many times about the genius of the Elfa shelving system. For people who don't want hulking billy bookcases storing all their sh--, um, stuff, the Elfa offers a solution with as much space as you want and the ability to hold a heck of a ton of weight (if assembled correctly mind you). We've seen Elfa holding up home offices, whole media centers, gigantic music collections, and even a lifetime's worth of vinyl figures.

One complaint from people is that the shelving system can look amateurish, with its basic metal hardware and wood veneered shelves it lacks a je ne sais quoi. Christie Chase, who entered her house in Apartment Therapy's Color Contest, figured out a way to smarten things up...

Christie Chase, who blogs about her DIY projects, chose to skip Elfa's mysterious honeycomb construction (it took me a dozen websites to figure out that "honeycomb construction" is fancy for strategically placed particle board with a wood veneer) and opt for real hardwood.

Chase houses her tuner and DVD player on these shelves as well as a projector. "We had an electrician come and install a plug high up on the shelving wall for the components to plug into," she tells Unplggd. Chase simply uses the blank, painted white wall opposite the couch to project on -- no expensive screen, thank you very much.

"To use the components while sitting on the couch, we point the remote at the projection wall and the signal bounces back to the components above our heads." Rad!

(Image: Christie Chase)

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