Before and After: This Closet Makeover Was Completed in Two Days

published Jun 26, 2018
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As closets go, this one seemed so organized as it was: There are even labeled compartments for different sizes of batteries. The After will probably just be slightly fancier labels on slightly fancier bins, right?

We were so wrong, y’all, because look how amazing this closet looks now. If this were my closet, I would try to find a way to jam a chair in there so I could hang out in such a perfectly organized space. The wallpaper is delightful (and removable!), and the turquoise bins coordinate exactly and look adorable, while the newly black door really makes the pastel colors glow. Tasha Agruso of Designer Trapped In A Lawyer’s Body is responsible for this inspirational closet makeover.

Here’s a closer look at the closet as it was, and here’s what led to the transformation:

Our linen closet may have looked sort of organized to some people, but it was a source of frustration for us every time we opened it. We could never find things we were looking for because nothing really had a dedicated spot and it was overflowing with stuff we no longer needed or used.

We finally decided to make a change because we knew it would be quick and easy once we got started. It always feels good to purge and organize. And we knew if we made the closet prettier, we would be more likely to KEEP it organized.

That is such a great and true attitude. If I manage to make problem areas even slightly more aesthetically pleasing (ideally without spending money), I’m much more motivated and likely to keep it looking good. Gazing upon the prettiness is the reward for doing the tedious work of upkeep.

It looks so great and user-friendly! I like to imagine the tote bag on the floor is filled with items to be donated to charity (instead of lurking in the garage like mine are), and I really like that one of the door-mounted bins is empty. One of the key secrets to organization is incorporating extra space for future needs. If everything is full now, there’s no room for future categories of possessions.

If you’re thinking of tackling a closet, you’ll be pleased to hear this makeover only took two days:

It took us only two days to complete. The first day I emptied the closet and gave the closet, shelves and door a fresh coat of paint. While the paint was drying, I went through everything and got rid of anything that was expired or that we no longer used and organized what was left. We placed the towels that we kept in canvas bins and our medications, ace bandages, etc. in plastic bins. The next day I applied removable wallpaper to the back wall which was surprisingly easy—it only took about 45 minutes. Then I installed the door organization system, popped the shelves back in and replaced everything in the closet. It was a quick and easy project overall.

The Elfa door rack is from The Container Store—I believe Tasha used this one. The plastic containers on the door rack are from OXO via Amazon; this set has a good assortment, but you could search “OXO Good Grip container” to find the size you need.

This is so sunny and poppy; organizing can be fun if the bins are cute enough. The wallpaper is from Spoonflower on Etsy, and Tasha rightly loves it:

I am so in love with the wallpaper! I’ve been afraid to use a bold wallpaper in our house, so putting in a closet was the perfect way to test the waters. And it’s great that everything has a designated spot now because it makes it simple to just put things back where they belong. It’s also nice that we can easily tell our 7-year-old girls where to find things like sunscreen. Plus, the fact that it’s so pretty has kept us motivated to keep it clean and organized!

Oh man, being able to tell the other members of your family where something is kept, so they can learn where it’s kept, is a major accomplishment!

I’m not sure if those are tea towels or what, but gazing upon them folded so neatly definitely relaxes me. The turquoise bins are from Target and come in various sizes (if that color sells out or doesn’t suit you, there are lots of other options), and the canvas bins are from The Container Store. Here’s the secret to Tasha’s storage success:

If your budget allows it, do something to make the inside of your closet pretty. I firmly believe that when we love the way something in our home looks, we are more motivated to keep it tidy and organized.

Thank you, Tasha Agruso and Designer Trapped In A Lawyer’s Body!