#30 - Eli and Oliver's Airy Armoire

#30 - Eli and Oliver's Airy Armoire

Carrie McBride
Apr 10, 2008

Name: Parke
Children's names and ages: Eli, 4.5 years and Oliver, 3
Location: Ann Arbor, MI
Category: Clothes

Items used for the project and favorite part of the storage solution:

The armoire we made ourselves before Eli was born 5 years ago. It is based on a design from Martha Stewart Living, although she suggests using thrifted or garage sale shutters. We looked but weren't able to find any suitable to the task, so we had to buy the shutters new.

When Eli was a baby it was used to store books, music, blankets and stuffed animals. His clothes were stored in the closet. When Oliver came along, we opted to keep the closet for Eli's clothes, and put most of Oliver's things in the armoire. The bottom shelf remains book storage. The bins for Oliver's clothes are a stiff cloth, and came from Kmart (!). Our favorite part of this armoire is how sound and air can travel in and out and through it. Oliver will only fall asleep if Amos Lee is playing on the stereo, but we can shut the doors to the armoire and the music comes through just fine. The airflow also keeps the clothes nice and fresh- no funky baby smells from things getting smashed together in drawers.

What's your best storage tip for families with children?

Make a place for everything, but don't get too hung up on being mega organized. Oliver's bins hold tops, bottoms, socks and shoes, outfits and pajamas. The organization freak in me would love to have things further broken down- long sleeved onsies, short sleeved onsies, long sleeved shirts, etc.... But I would be the only one who would understand the system and would either end up putting everything away myself, or getting frusrated when someone else puts things away "wrong". With a simple system, easy catagories, and a place for everything, be it clothes, toys or books, anyone can put things away- and everyone does! (well, except Oliver).

Thanks for your entry, Parke!

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