Eliminate all Rent Control in the State of California?

Eliminate all Rent Control in the State of California?

Gregory Han
Feb 8, 2008

An anonymous AT:LA reader wanted us to give you all the 411 about an upcoming California referendum coming up for vote this Spring that might be of particular special interest to all renters out there:

Landlords in California have spent nearly $2 million to back a ballot referendum that would phase out the state's rent-control laws.The California Property Owners and Farmland Protection Act could affect thousands of elderly and others on fixed incomes...

[Photograph by George Sakkestad]

There are 1 million residents in the state in rent-controlled apartments and about 230,400 in rent-controlled mobile homes. The June 3 ballot measure would limit the state's ability to seize private property and would also phase out rent control. Tenants groups have nicknamed the bill, "the Hidden Agenda Scheme" because the words "rent control" don't appear in the title.

The anonymous reader went onto mention he had been "duped" into signing a petition to get it on the ballot at a super market recently, with the bill disguised as a measure to rein in unfair declarations of Eminent Domain:

"Whatever anyone thinks about rent control, they should at least understand what they're voting on and this is a very misleading bill. Additionally, before we feel too sorry for the landlords in this story, keep in mind that under Rent Control Law, every landlord is guaranteed a "reasonable return" on their rental property. If they're not getting one, all they have to do is petition for a rent increase."

More about this proposal and how it could possibly affect 1.2 million state residents here.

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