Eliminate Outdoor Odors With Oats

Eliminate Outdoor Odors With Oats

Sarah Rae Smith
Jun 3, 2010

So you're all set to have the party of the century at your new place. You've got a great backyard and enough space to have one heck of a bash, but there's just one problem — something smells yo!

We've got an easy way to banish any smell your outdoors has to offer from your neighbors cigarette can to that cat who thinks under your deck is their own personal litter box.

Many times, the area underneath decking, sheds or even those spaces around your grill can get a little funky. The cause might be damp soil, your neighbor's dog leaving you morning deposits, or grease and food drippings from your last Bobby Flay adventure.

Although it might not seem like much, funky smells attract more animals and in general, aren't wanted. If we were indoors, we'd tell you to start sprinkling that baking soda about, but since we're not, we're headed for the oats.

Oats are a natural and pet/kid safe remedy for stinky smells, plus you can buy them in bulk for a small price. Just sprinkle them over areas that aren't so fresh and they'll soak up the smell and compost themselves back into your soil (although you might have a few birds and squirrels that come for a snack).

You can also pour some into your trash cans and let them sit for a week. After your next trash day, rinse out what remains and they'll be a little less offensive.

Do you have a stinky spot that needs some help? Let us know below!

(Image: Flickr member amber.kennedy licensed for use by Creative Commons)

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