Eliot’s Roman Holiday

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Name: Eliot (20 months)
Location: Rome, Italy (pictured at the Coliseum)
Favorite Family-Friendly Place To See or Thing To Do Here: Rome was a surprisingly easy city to visit with a toddler, particularly given the Romans’ love of children – we could hardly walk down any street without a local stopping us to say hello to Eliot. The Coliseum was a favourite, as we were able to wonder around at our own pace, and Eliot (like most little boys) was fascinated with stories of fighting and animals. I recommend getting there early, to beat the lines.

Best Tip for Traveling with Kids: If your child is small enough, I recommend using some sort of sling or carry pouch. Eliot wasn’t little (about 14 kilograms), but he traveled happily around Europe in an Ergo Baby Carrier on his dad’s back, allowing us to avoid using a pram (particularly useful for getting in and out of any metro system).

Favorite Way to Make it Feel Like Home: Keep to your child’s regular diet as much as possible – if they usually have a peanut butter sandwich for lunch, don’t start giving them pizza and pasta – the change in diet can upset their stomach, and having a packed lunch for them is very handy if you find yourself too busy to buy, or worse, a little lost.

An Item you MUST Take With You While Traveling: A small distraction bag is well worth it – filled with a few favourites, as well as new toys and games, it can make a 14 hour flight go much faster, as well as being an easy way to keep a child occupied while you enjoy your dinner.

Thanks Penny!