Elisabeth's Cure: Ready to Streamline

Elisabeth's Cure: Ready to Streamline

(Image credit: Elisabeth Wilborn)

A 90-plus-year-old house has its challenges. We've only owned it for a year and a half, so there are lots of dreams and possibilities for what could be. Last year we were still accumulating — furniture, lights, rugs. This year I'm ready to go whole hog to streamline, and look forward to what 2014 will bring. Usually I try to put my best foot forward, but today you will see my worst foot forward and all the problem areas of my house! Whelp!

(Image credit: Elisabeth Wilborn)



Our Room:

  • Clear surfaces
  • ***Get bedside table lamps fixed***
  • Headboard
  • French doors
  • Repaint bedroom

Upstairs Bathroom + Linen Closet:

  • ***Paint***: pale pink? Light blue? White?
  • Bleach shower curtain (again)
  • Re-fold linens in closet

Kids' Bedroom + Playroom:

  • General tidy
  • Fix fabric on closet


Living Room + Stairs:

  • Paint handrail: black or white?
  • Paint trim
  • ***Replace coffee table***
  • ***Paint bookshelves dark and style them***
  • Convert under stairs to hideaway

Dining Room / Entry:

  • Clear credenza
  • ***Hang daddy's painting***
  • Rug pad
  • Figure out dining chair situation

Powder Room:

  • Spackle and paint: trompe l'oeil wallpaper?


  • Polish marble
  • ***New faucet that doesn't leak***
  • Reorganize hutch to only dishes
  • Clean pantry

Family Room:

  • Take down tree
  • Get rid of boxes
  • Side tables
  • Extra seating

Art Studio:

  • ***Make studio habitable***

Guest Bedroom + Hallway:

  • Headboard
  • Rug
  • Craft shelf

Mud Room:

  • General clean up
  • Throw out old containers in laundry
  • Purchase and organize filing cabinet

Small Guest Bath:

  • Hang mirror you bought months ago


  • Paint all exterior doors
  • Re-stain porches
(Image credit: Elisabeth Wilborn)

Just before Christmas we did a massive clothes and toy purge and revamped the play room, so while the children's areas are in a constant state of flux, they will not be my focus this month.

(Image credit: Elisabeth Wilborn)

I read afterwards that this list-making business is supposed to take an hour. Confession: I probably spent 15 minutes, as it's been ongoing in my head. It is clear what needs to be done. The entryway is a problem child, my studio is completely neglected, and we have a pile of issues in the bedroom. And PAINT!

My first foray into this process, I trust the Cure will help me tackle everything one day at a time. Who's with me?

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