Elizabeth's Cure: Goodbye, Outbox!

Elizabeth's Cure: Goodbye, Outbox!

Elizabeth Licata
Jan 24, 2014
(Image credit: Elizabeth Licata)

I'm a little bit disappointed that my outbox did not accumulate very much stuff this year. Having a big "Goodbye, outbox!" party at the end of the Cure is great, but this year I basically just had to take the trash out.

Not much came into the house that didn't have an immediate use this year, so there was not too much to get rid of (except all the expired food that got tossed during the kitchen cleanse, but nobody wants that). Plenty of things had to be thrown away, like all the dead plants, but very little needed to be thought about before sending to the trash.

One thing that did get pared down was in-progress craft projects. There were a lot of those, and when I looked at them with a critical eye I realized that I had outgrown several of them. (Sometimes literally, in the case of a few sewing projects.) All my projects seemed like good ideas when I started them, but now it turns out I don't actually want a pair of pink sequined Hammer pants after all. Those went away, as did a big box of broken mirror pieces that was originally supposed to be turned into a cool mirror mosaic but just turned into a really dangerous thing to be keeping in the house.

I guess having a paltry outbox at the end of the Cure isn't the biggest problem a person could have. If I can manage to maintain the pattern of not bringing too much new stuff into the house, I might be able to keep it small. I'll have to keep an eye on the craft projects, though, and not let too many in-progress projects build up until I know I will never finish them all.

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