Elizabeth's Cure: Playing Catch-Up

Elizabeth's Cure: Playing Catch-Up

Elizabeth Licata
Jan 29, 2014
(Image credit: Elizabeth Licata)

We're getting near the end of the January Cure, and it's always a huge relief to pause the crazy patter of ongoing projects and deep cleans to take a look around and assess progress.

(Image credit: Elizabeth Licata)

My main project for this year's Cure was to finish the living room. Adding curtains was the biggest part of that, but we ran into some road blocks with that one. I did acquire lamps, though! We got a vintage chandelier for the living room, and for the first time since we moved in there is enough light to read and sew by, even after dark. Also, the electrician who came to hang the chandelier looked exactly like Chris Pratt from Parks and Recreation, so that was exciting.

We also got a pair of these lamps:

(Image credit: Elizabeth Licata)

We moved a desk from the hallway into the alcove where the Christmas tree and the exercise bike had been living. And I even caved and bought a rug. This is actually the first rug we've ever purchased. Now my apartment has that new rug smell, but I've had the windows open for a few hours and I think it will go away soon.

Curtains were actually purchased. I picked the Aina linen curtains from Ikea, in pink.

(Image credit: Ikea)

I was not originally intending to go with pink curtains, but after going through my options and looking at Ikea curtains in action on other people's blogs, I decided on the Aina curtains even though my options were only pink or neutrals. The Christmas tree looked good in the corner and it was pink, so I figured pink curtains might work as well. We'll see.

The curtains are not yet hanging though. Even though we bought a drill with a special concrete bit and everything, our house was too much for it. Our friendly neighborhood handyman will be coming to take care of it in a few days.

When I first brought up the new curtain plan, some helpful Apartment Therapy commenters pointed out that blinds might be better for the center window, because curtains would cover the radiator. That was a good point, but I met some unexpected resistance when it turns out my husband hates blinds. I've never met anyone who hated blinds before, but he does. We caucused and decided a Roman shade would be acceptable. I'll make my own from a spare Aina panel so it matches the curtains.

So while we have not yet accomplished everything we set out to, we have achieved some things we weren't expecting to get to, like the rug and the lamps. OK, I'm not spending any more money until August, but I'm pretty happy with the progress made so far.

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