Elizabeth's Cure: The Media Fast

Elizabeth's Cure: The Media Fast

Elizabeth Licata
Jan 15, 2014
(Image credit: Elizabeth Licata)

I take back what I said about having to deep-clean the entire kitchen, because my actual most difficult part of the cure is the media fast. My apartment gets too dark to read or do projects or basically do anything that does not involve a self-illuminated screen by 4 p.m., so my husband gave me some serious side-eye when I told him today's assignment was to eschew digital media.

I finished work for the day around 6 p.m., and it was quite dark. I considered using the time to take down the Christmas tree, but honestly it's the brightest source of light in the house right now, and I didn't want to lose it until I got the new lights installed.

New lights were acquired, though! I went to a strange little antique shop in town that always has a few lighting options and picked out a vintage chandelier that was not too expensive. (She also had a pair of matching table lamps I might go back for if I convince myself I can spare the money.)

Having finally acquired the much-desired chandelier, I was inspired to get off my butt and finally make up my mind about the curtains that will go in the living room window. I surprised myself by choosing a pink pair. Pink was definitely not part of the original plan, but of all the options it they seemed to look best. And the tree looks good and it is pink, so maybe the pink curtains won't be so bad.

The media fast itself did not go too well. I made it about an hour or two before Nick declared that he was not participating.

"I am going to watch Justified," he said. "Are you allowed to conduct your mindful fast in the living room while that's going on?"

Considering it was either that or go sit in the bedroom with its one sad desk lamp for the next three hours, I decided I was.

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