Elizabeth's January Cure: My Second Week

Elizabeth's January Cure: My Second Week

Elizabeth Licata
Jan 15, 2013

I said some naughty words when I read the January Cure assignment for this weekend. Clean the kitchen? The whole kitchen? What am I, a wizard? I've been in a détente for months with the spiders who live in my kitchen: I don't open the bottom cabinets; they don't swing down and scare me when I do. But I should have seen it coming, because the rest of this week was relatively painless.

Day 4: Get a fresh perspective.
Knowing the bedroom was a problem, I sat on the dresser and faced the bed for about 10 minutes. The longer I stared, the more annoyed I got at our lack of nightstands. I've been using the hamper to hold my glasses, water, and alarm clock, which is a bit awkward because my husband gets up before I do and then he can't use the laundry basket because I've set up camp on top of it.

A bed skirt is also in order, but since I put the bed on risers it's too tall for a normal one. I make a mental note to sew something for that.

Day 5: Select one project to complete this month.
Selecting the project was easy. I wanted something achievable that didn't require feats of strength or a huge financial outlay, so I'm going to focus on artfully arranging my bookshelves. I started a bookshelf board on Pinterest for inspiration.

Day 6: Choose a piece of art to frame.
I've been waiting to frame this woodblock print for years. It's a shini-e, or memorial print, of kabuki actor Ichikawa Danjûrô VIII. (I did my MA thesis on shini-e.)

Day 8: Flowers, kitchen cleaning & make a meal..
OK, so this is the part that freaked me out a bit, because of the aforementioned spiders. But I called in a ringer and got my husband to vacuum out all the shelves so they would be empty of any life by the time I got there. (He said there weren't any spiders, but I had him vacuum anyway. I just don't trust those eight-legged jerks.)

Cleaning itself was uneventful. Having moved recently, we don't have a ton of unnecessary accoutrements and ingredients cluttering up the kitchen, so everything just got a decent clean.

The one major adjustment was finally uninstalling the old refrigerator that used to live in the side cabinet before we got Big Red. We cleaned the old dorm-esque fridge out, disconnected it, and managed to wrestle it out of the cabinet. But now it's in the middle of the kitchen, and we can't move it because it's a refrigerator. (They didn't call William Perry "The Refrigerator" because he was compact and easily portable.) So our shopping list now includes a drill and a dolly, and the bonus fridge will just be standing in as a shelf until then.

While I was at the flower shop, I noticed they'd started carrying plants with giant "EASY CARE" signs on them, so I got one. According to the care list all I have to do is feed it a black and white cookie and not slam it in a door or eat it. I should be able to manage that.

How is your cure going? Did you encounter any drama during the kitchen clean?

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