Ella's Chic Nursery

Ella's Chic Nursery

Marcia Prentice
Mar 23, 2012

Name: Ella (6 months)
Location: Sherman Oaks, California
Room Size: 19' x 14'

Ella is a very lucky girl! Her room is so chic I can see her and her parents still loving the design for many, many years. Designer Shirry Dolgin helped the family pull together Ella and Cameron's rooms. Sometimes you just need that extra eye to realize your dream space.

How would you define the style of the nursery design?
Parents: It's a classic design.
Shirry: Soft, sweet, and fresh.

What was the inspiration for the space?
Parents: We wanted a feminine, elegant and classy - almost vintage - look.
Shirry: The inspiration came from the selection of wallpaper. I found 3 different papers to show my client that all gave a very different feel. But they both gravitated toward this one, which has a touch of gold and taupe.

How did you decide on the color scheme?
Parents: Shirry provided several color choices that were both warm and feminine. When we found the right shade of paint, other elements such as the wallpaper inserts, were matched.
Shirry: I got some direction from the parents because they said they were ok with doing a bold color, but they knew they wanted pink for their first girl. I didn't want anything pastel and I also wanted something that would be unlike most girl nursery rooms. So I chose a crisp hue of pink from Benjamin Moore. I decided to have all the furniture painted white. To create contrast from the white, I decided to keep all the wall surfaces, including the drapery, in a more monochromatic palette. The light in this room played a huge part on selecting just the right shade.

What are some tips for using wallpaper in a nursery when the design changes so often?
Parents: Shirry had a great idea to frame sections of wallpaper in Ella's room creating these beautiful focal points. It looks amazing! It doesn't look like wallpaper - it looks as if it has been hand painted on the wall. Being such an elegant design, we can definitely see her growing into this as her room changes when she gets older.
Shirry: I decided that the wallpaper would be installed in the form of artwork. The room already had very bold crown and base moldings, so I made new frames on the walls using a chair rail molding and framed the wallpaper. This made it pop and guests always ask if the walls were hand painted. It just brings it up a notch!! It also created a huge amount of balance on these two large walls without spending the money on artwork. This was a huge money saver!

What was the biggest challenge when designing the space?
Parents: The crib and dresser set we wanted to use belonged to her older brother and were a dark brown. Shirry had the great idea to refinish the set in white, giving it a fresh new look. You wouldn't even know it was the same set.
Shirry: This space was tricky because it was such a long room and had such high ceilings. Baby furniture is small so once I put the crib, rocking chair, and changing table in, I felt like the ceiling height was overtaking the room. So I chose to get a few paper lanterns in colors that coordinated with the wallpaper and I suspended them from the ceiling in the two corners of the room. This added another layer to the room and gave me the height I was after without feeling too heavy.

How do you see the design transitioning as Ella gets older?
Parents: The furniture will need to change as she grows, but the rest of the room is perfect for a little girl.
Shirry: The first thing that will change will be the furniture as Ella gets older. She will need a bed as she gets older and eventually she will want a desk and maybe a reading corner. Luckily the wallpaper can easily be switched out within the already framed area and the walls can be repainted. Add a few modern accessories and you've got a new space for a young girl.


Thanks Ella!

(Images: Erika Bierman)


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