Ellen's Design Challenge Episode 5: The Shelf Hits the Fan

Ellen's Design Challenge Episode 5: The Shelf Hits the Fan

Jennifer Hunter
Feb 24, 2015
(Image credit: HGTV)

Second to last episode recap here (sob). Are you gonna miss me when I'm gone?What? This isn't about me? Okay, are you gonna miss Tim, Gaspar and Katie? Well, you're gonna start missing one of them tonight. Wanna know who went home? Read me.

  • So, only three designers left. No time to fool around with brunches today, we jump right into the action.
  • A salvage yard? Be still my beating heart. 14 acres of "one man's trash is another man's treasure" kind of trash? They'll take it.
  • Jay tells them they have only an hour to shop for the salvaged materials they need to build a piece of furniture. Did I mention it's 14 acres of stuff?
  • Gaspar is feeling overwhelmed as he should be (again: 14 acres!) but he quickly pulls it together and decides to build a computer desk in order to contrast new technology with the recycled materials. I feel you, G.
  • Katie sees potential in a bail of colorful wires and then she finds a "gold mine of acrylic." Ha, of course she sees a pile of plastic as gold mine material.
  • Tim is paralyzed by choice. He's cutting it close on time while gathering his materials and he's sort of just randomly grabbing stuff without a plan.
  • They all load up their matching Dodge (probably, I don't drive) trucks and split. Say it with me: product placement. We're not dummies.
  • Katie's planning on all acrylic all the time in the form of a desk and a chair.
  • Tim is trying to add a HUGE industrial fan into an armoire for some reason. Okaaaay.
  • Gaspar is freaking out a little bit, he's starting to annoy his carpenter Brooks and he's talking about himself in the 3rd person.
  • Ok, Tim has redesigned his project so it's shelving/room divider and the fan is a decorative element. It's better. Still kind of intense.
  • Katie is having some acrylic issues since it's old and cracks easily. Her desk is actually looking great. She's gonna use that wire as a woven seat for her (also) acrylic chair. The weaving is taking her forever.
  • Gaspar's desk includes mesh side pockets to hold chargers and stuff but I'm not sure why you'd want to display that stuff but yep. Storage. Good.
  • Katie's wearing curly wires in her hair. Obviously. Time wise, she's down to the wire (get it?) on her weaving. Unbeweavable (I had to).
  • It's Tim's turn to deliver the line: let's go to the Wayfair wall. He accessorizes his shelves with some ish.
  • Guest judge this week: Rachel Ashwell, Ms Shabby Chic herself.
  • Katie is up first. Her desk looks space-age cool. The only color is the woven seat. Christiane can always be counted on to try out the furniture and she thinks it's comfortable. I know a lot of you have a problem with Katie's voice but she really does express herself well when Christiane challenges her about taking a risk. Good job, girl.
  • Gaspar is up. His wood and iron desk looks good, those elements contrast nicely. He sure loves to bow the legs on his pieces. The judges like that he thought of function with desk but they think it looks like it belongs in a kitchen. I have to agree a little bit. The mesh he used for the storage looks like one of those hanging fruit baskets where you store your bananas.
  • Tim is still rocking his man bracelet.
  • I think Tim is getting tired of being on the show: he's usually so patient but he's starting to get an edge in his voice. His piece looks good. Thank God he figured out that fan.
  • The judges deliberate to extra dramatic music this week. We get a nice montage of quick cuts of the designers looking worried. You get the idea.
  • They pick a winner: it's Katie!
  • Now it's down to the two men to compete for a spot in the finale. Tim pulls through which means Gaspar goes home. He's so classy about it. He says he's "beyond honored" that he made it this far.
  • Hold up. Just when you thought the episode was over, there's a Superbowl worthy promo for next week. Now I'm all amped up for next week. See you then.

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