Ellen's Design Challenge Episode 6: The Final Face Off

Ellen's Design Challenge Episode 6: The Final Face Off

Jennifer Hunter
Mar 3, 2015
(Image credit: HGTV)

Well, folks, this is it. We're down to the final showdown between Tim, the man-bracelet-wearing, scruffy-in-a-good-way Colorado cowboy and Katie, the doe-eyed, neon-loving Brooklyn baby. Who wins the $100,000 and Ellen's love forever? There's a twist. Come find out.

  • First, we get a nice recap of the past six episodes but you don't need that, you've been reading along, right?
  • Katie's pulled out all the stops in the outfit department with her neon green crop top with pom poms and chambray cape. Never change, Katie.
  • Host Jay arrives and announces they'll be taking a limo to the challenge location. Because nothing is weirder than a limo ride at 8am around the industrial wasteland of the Los Angeles river area.
  • They arrive at the Reef, a furniture "habitat and ecosystem." A little heavy-handed on the name, but okay.
  • All of Tim and Katie's pieces from the show are all set up. Jay dramatically pulls back a curtain and...commercial. Like Tim says, " I want him to rip the curtain open and let's get on with this." YEP
  • Okay, we're back. It's a surprise party. All the old gang's there (all the eliminated contestants, judges and it looks like they brought in some extras too).
  • Final challenge: they can do ANYTHING that's innovative and surprising. As both Katie and Tim mention, it's MORE challenging with unlimited resources and no parameters.
  • Christiane and Amanda power-walk into the shop to check in.
  • Ohh we get a peek of Katie's Brooklyn apartment while she's talking about her uncle's trunk. Get ready for a shock: she has patterned walls. Can we do a house tour, Katie? Call me!
  • Tim's planning to do a multi-purpose desk that looks like a rough pile of wood on the outside and opens up to a polished inside. Uh oh, Amanda calls it "a recipe for disaster."
  • Katie picks out some purple heart wood and decides to make a desk with a pull-out table (in acrylic naturally, it's still Katie) and built-in stools.
  • Chip is making an "equalizer slide" which means you can pull one side open, and the other side opens simultaneously. Very cool.
  • Both designers end day two waaay behind.
  • Now Katie is rushing and making mistakes. She mixes up the diameters of her plywood foot measurements. Whoops.
  • Tim and Chip are having problems too. Their steel legs aren't fitting correctly. Both teams are down to the gun and our anxiety is helped along with some super tense music.
  • Time's up; they go home (in their limos; apparently those babies were rented for the week) and get fancy for the final reveal.
  • Everyone's dressed up in their best duds and Tim is wearing a tape measure on his belt buckle. Solid 'till the end, Tim.
  • This week's guest judge is Jane Hallworth.
  • Katie is up first. Her piece looks awesome. It's the best one I've seen from her. She calls it a juxtaposition console because she used so many different types of materials. The judges congratulate her for pushing herself with wood (it's true, I think it's her only wooden project).
  • Now it's time for Tim and his "pile of wood" desk. The judges know there's more to it, they look amused. Tim and Chip open up the desk to reveal the inner desk and drawers. The craftsmanship is impeccable. Very sleek. Jane points out that because every part moves, you can't set anything on top of it.
  • While the judges deliberate, Ellen comes by the contestants' lounge (she also notices Tim's tape measure!) and brings Tim's girlfriend and daughter and Katie's brother and boyfriend. That's nice, they all have people there to support them.
  • The judges deliberate. They note Tim's experience and technical proficiency but notice that he tends to fall back on what he's comfortable doing (ahem wood). They point out that Katie is really innovative and pushes herself toward new things but she has a lot to learn as a designer.
  • Ellen gets on stage to announce the results and we pause for a commercial OF COURSE.
  • The winner is....Tim! Confetti falls!
  • But HOLD ON, there's an extra scene. A week after the final judging, it was discovered that there was already a piece by designer Simon Schacht that was eerily similar to Tim's work. His piece was not original enough so he is disqualified.
  • Hmmm did Tim cheat or did he just see this other piece once in a magazine and it got into his brain until he thought it was his idea? Creativity is such a tricky mindf**k.
  • What do you all think? Should Tim have been disqualified?
  • Katie is brought to the set of Ellen's show (where she is rocking a really huge necklace and bi-color hair, obvi) where she thinks she is doing a publicity interview for the show.
  • Instead Ellen announces that she is the winner! No confetti for Katie but Carl is there and her brother and boyfriend get to come out for round two. Oh wait, there IS confetti. My favorite part of any reality show.

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