Elouan’s Heirloom Chic Nursery

Elouan’s Heirloom Chic Nursery

Jackie Boucher
Apr 22, 2011

Name: Elouan
Age: 9.5 months
Location: Montréal, Québec
Room Size: 9' x 14'

Elouan's room started with a slate grey room, a Great Uncle's armoire and some botanical vintage wallpaper. After some expert sleuthing through garage sales and second hand stores this vintage chic treasure of a nursery came to fruition. We asked Luce to answer a few questions about the process of designing her son's heirloom inspired nursery.

What was your inspiration for the room?
We wanted a room that was contemporary, somewhat offbeat and definitely vintage/heirloom. We started with what we already had, which was a slate grey bedroom and worked from that color which we love. Even though it's quite a dark hue, we were sure we could make it work by adding whimsical elements to it. Years ago, I'd purchased a beautiful botanical 30s wallpaper in New York at Second Hand Rose. Not knowing exactly what I would eventually do with it then, we decided to use it in the nursery which spurred the colors and the general feel of the room. Everything was pieced together around the color and the wallpaper.

Before starting, what did you know you wanted to include, for sure?
We have a big wood armoire which used to belong to my favorite uncle who passed away and left it to me. It's one of my favorite pieces from my family and I wanted my son to grow up using it and living with it. We also knew we wanted to have the grey medical cabinet, which to me is such a nice piece of commercially designed furniture that adds just so much caracter to the room.

What is your favourite element in the room?
Definitely the wallpaper! It gives me joy every time I enter my son's bedroom.

And your biggest indulgence?
Also the wallpaper! I know I tend to harp on about it, but I'm so in love with this pattern! It was quite expensive when I bought it, but I just somehow knew that it would be put to good use. And it is!

How is the room similar or different from the rest of the house?
The style is quite similar to the rest of the house. I've been collecting family pieces and really good antiques for 10 years, slowly building a look that I love, which is modern yet warm. The baby's room blends in perfectly with the rest of our house.

Were there any surprises? Good or bad?
My mother and I decided to hang the wallpaper together. It's quite a different process to hang a 30s, quite fragile paper with water and flour glue than it is to hang new wallpaper! So we did it very carefully — and thanked god we didn't have to paper the whole room! In comparison, the ostrich, made from 70s paper, was much easier.

What was your proudest DIY?
The changing table! We looked for so long, and everywhere, at tables that were either too expensive or just very plain, that when we found this one and painted it grey, it looked amazing and it just completed the room. For $25, a small bucket of paint and a couple hours, we did well with this piece.

Any advice for other people starting this process?
Unless you have a lot of money to put into a child's room, I think it's a really good idea to start looking early in the pregnancy for family pieces, good pieces with DIY potential and to have a color palette in mind. With some research and some lucky finds, any baby room can look amazing.

If money was no object, what would your dream source be?
Oh, where do I start?! Everything by Dwell Studio of course. Kids and Baby Design Ideas is a site I often go to for inspiration. I love the fabrics from Bookhou. Etsy has a lot of great finds! I'm pining for this children's activity table and chairs made from sustainably harvested wood. As well, I really love this local studio called Stuff By Me for creative repurposed furniture. For accessories like soft baskets and cardboard storage boxes I think MIO do it well.

But I think that if money was no object, I'd design my son's furniture and have it made locally by a really good craftsperson, from non-toxic and locally sourced material. Or I'd ask Zoe Murphy to design stuff for my son!

Wallpaper: Second Hand Rose
Butterfly mobile and wall art: Almost Sunday on Etsy
Ostrich: design by Inke Heiland, bought locally at Galerie Co
Everything else: was locally sourced at garage sales, brocantes (second hand stores), online at Kijiji or was donated by family.

Thank you for sharing your son's beautiful room Luce!.

When Luce is not designing in her own home she is an ecodesigner here. You can also take the opportunity to practice your French skills and pay a visit to her blog Article.

(Images: Luce Beaulieu)

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