Email from Brooklyn: Is NYC Cat-centric? and other news…

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

In the kitty. This from Sara, who shows her stripes as a lovely, obsessive cat owner and story teller:

I was recently in Joyce Cohen’s The Hunt section of the NYT, and she talked to me about how her column may be becoming too cat-centric. They always try to get any cat in the pictures. Interestingly enough, in the slide show featured in the article, there are more pictures of my cat then there are of either me or my boyfriend.

As for living with my animal, it is hard to find a place for the litterbox in a loft. There are no walls to hide it behind, and my bathroom is too small for it, nor can I really stand litterboxes in the bathroom. I ended up building a little wooden shed/outhouse over it that hides the box and the smell perfectly.

I shop at NYC Pet on Bedford, in Williamsburg. They have the complete line of Wellness cat food, which is what I feed my cat. I really can’t stand any other cat food; they are full of fillers, and I just cringe at the idea of feeding that to an animal I cherish. So, I consider that a rip off, pet stores that stockpile crappy pet food (mostly the chain stores).

I find that pets are a bit like children, you become in sync with them and so it is hard to leave them, it limits your life a bit. However with that little sacrifice comes a lot of joy and an improved quality of life. Sara