Email Habits: Round-The-Clock Clicker or Day Tripper?

Email Habits: Round-The-Clock Clicker or Day Tripper?

Taryn Williford
May 12, 2009

Somebody who was paid to watch 3000 Europeans and 122,000 Americans send emails for 83 days and two years, respectively, figured out that most email users fit in to one of two categories depending on their sending habits. Those bored scientists were a part of Yahoo Research in New York City and published their findings. Read through to read more about the email profiles and figure out what kind of online communicator you are...

The scientists found that most people fit in as either "day labourers," who sent emails mainly during the normal working day between 9 A.M. and 6 P.M., or "emailaholics," who sent emails throughout all the day and night until around 1 A.M., on average.

Besides just being a bit of trivia, their study could pave the way we battle the evil spambots. The more we study and document the "unique pattern of transmission" that humans use to communicate via email, the better we know (and can teach our spam catchers) how to tell real-person messages from the artificial and annoying ones.

With my BlackBerry working by my side around the clock, I am definitely an emailaholic. It wouldn't be rare for me to respond immediately to an email received in the late night or early morning. How about you? Tell us about your email style in the comments!

Technology Review via Lifehacker
Image from Flickr member NightRPStar with a Creative Commons license

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