Email’N Walk Prevents Typing-While-Strolling Disasters

052109_tf_EmailNWalk1.pngSo you know about the obvious dangers of texting on the phone while driving. Something about the combination of being distracted and—oh yeah, not looking at the road (!!) ends in automobile collisions. Who knew? But even though you stay off the QWERTY in the car, that doesn’t mean you’re a stranger to bumping into—well, strangers on the sidewalk where you type without abandon. But here comes something so simple, yet so genius: Email’N Walk, a program that lets you see through your iPhone as you walk.

Email’N Walk gives you a custom background to your iPhone’s email screen: the feed from the built-in camera.

A few limitations keep this from being OMG: It only works with email (they should add texting support, in our opinion) and you really might only avoid dead ends and front-and-center lamp posts. Anything in the peripheral, like small dogs or low-hanging tree brances, is fair game.

As Phase 2 Media, the company responsible for this genius, says, they “can’t take any responsibility for your stupidity.”

Email’N Walk is available for download here (iTunes link).