Our Parents' Most Embarrassing Tech Habits

Our Parents' Most Embarrassing Tech Habits

Chris Perez
Jun 27, 2012

Parents. We love them, but boy, do they know how to embarrass us. Before all you had to worry about was them telling a shameful childhood story, pulling out that old picture of us in a plaid jumpsuit, or providing a little TMI about their personal lives. Now your mom has an iPhone, and can do all this and more with a few quick swipes and taps. We look at a few other funny and embarrassing things our parents are doing with tech...

Typing in ALL CAPS
My own mother does this and I simply can't get her to stop no matter how many times I tell her how it's inappropriate online. "I like it," she says. So that's the way it's going to be — can't argue with mom.

Pulling Out the Magnifying Glass
I learned this new one at a dinner last week. Rather than bother with pinch-to-zoom gesture, our friends' parents have gotten accustomed to pulling out the good ol' magnifying glass to read text and emails on their smartphone. It goes without saying that this is mostly done in public and preferably when she's nearby.

Loud and Inappropriate Ringtones
It still makes me chuckle when my mother's phone rings — a terrible MIDI of a hard rock guitar riff. This for someone who listens to Etta James albums and, I kid you not, Susan Boyle. Maybe she insists on it because it rises her to action before the call goes to voicemail - something she still doesn't know how to check.

Printing Out Every Email
I still haven't figured out the convenience of this practice. Maybe it helps for easier reading like the magnifying glass routine, or maybe they really want an abstract monotone print of the picture attachment - because you know their printer is out of a color cartridge or two. Printed emails are plaguing parents all over the nation, despite all our attempts to nudge them to abandon printing anything and everything out!

This is all in good fun of course. Our parents are our family whom we love, and we have more in common with them than we may like to admit. Who knows what new advances or changes will come along as we age and have kids, eventually making us the subject of embarrassment?

Got any additional embarrassing tech habits your parents do?

(Images: 1. Joanna Zjawinska, All others. Chris Perez)

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