Embracing Your Inner Clean Freak

Embracing Your Inner Clean Freak

Adrienne Breaux
Nov 13, 2009

Laure posted about the virtues of embracing your inner slob, and many of you chimed in with your experiences of not always being able to keep a perfect house. While some might be embarrassed about certain messes, others feel equal shame about their desires toward a perfect corner or two.

We certainly have our spots in the home where it seems impossible to keep clean no matter what we do (for instance our closet and our shower), but there are other elements to our home that we feel absolutely compelled to keep in order or else we can't accomplish a thing all day (we're talking about you, unmade bed and messy desk). Are you plagued by a cleaner than usual side to yourself when it comes to certain areas of the home?

Maybe you saw how Martha Stewart folds towels and can't stand a stack unless it's folded just so. Perhaps you're incapable of finding anything to wear in the morning unless your clothes are arranged by color. At a loss when it comes to cooking if your spice rack isn't in alphabetical order? Just as you might embrace your inability to put the dirty clothes in the hamper, do you also embrace your inner clean freak sometimes? With the holidays around the corner we bet some people will become more focused on cleaning the house than usual; tell us about the cleanest parts of your home! Any particularly organized spots you're hoping the guests will notice?

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