Emeco: Aluminum Office Furniture

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Emeco’s most iconic design is the aluminum 111 Navy Chair, which they created in 1944 to be a virtually indestructible piece of furniture that would hold up to wear and tear on US Navy ships.

We often see it used in the dining room, but certain versions of the chair (especially the ones with swivels, casters, and upholstered seats) shouldn’t be forgotten as a possibility for the home office.

Because they’re made from aluminum and based on such a classic design, these aren’t the most ergonomic chairs. They are, however, fine for everyday use as long as you’re not sitting in them for 12 hours at a time. We recommend them for part-time home offices that are going for a classic, 1940s look.

Emeco also sells aluminum tables, as well as desk legs and extra chair parts. All chairs are made from 80% or more recycled aluminum. A basic Navy Chair sells for around $415 and prices go up the more complex the design gets; these are the kind of pieces that you save up for. You can buy Emeco products through their website, or through a large network of modern retailers including DWR, Room and Board, Design Public, All Modern, and others.


  1. Emeco Navy Armchair with Natural Wood Seat
  2. Emeco Nine-O Swivel Chair
  3. Emeco Nine-O Stacking Chair
  4. Emeco Navy Upholstered Swivel Chair
  5. Work Table Legs

Photos: Emeco