Emeco Superlight Chair

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Cool, cool, cool. You have seen Emeco chairs. Famous for their all aluminum construction (light, strong) and originally designed for the military, Emeco Naval chairs have come back into retro vogue and ARE great chairs. To update the line, California design Mafiosi, Design Within Reach and Frank Gehry got together with Emeco to design, produce and MARKET THE HELL out of a brand new all aluminum (can you say 6.5 pounds?) chair, called the Superlight.

The sculptural single-piece aluminum shell sits atop a slender and geometric variation of the sleigh base. Despite its fortitude, the Superlight Chair has a tensile strength that allows for subtle shifting and swaying with the sitter’s movements.

The first edition of 500 chairs is only available through DWR, and even at $350 they will probably go quickly (they don’t ship until late July). And they are cool looking. Despite our distaste for OVER THE TOP MARKETING and MICROSOFT LIKE TACTICS in the design furniture arena, we would buy these if we could. MGR