Emergency Fun to Save Your Monday

Emergency Fun to Save Your Monday

Alison Gerber
Mar 4, 2013

Anyone else get that dreaded feeling when their spouse leaves for work on Monday morning? The one that sounds like "Uh-oh, not another Monday"? Maybe it's snowing where you are? Maybe you haven't slept through the night in 8 months? Does your Monday need a pick me up? You may just need some emergency fun.

Here are some ideas which have been done a thousand times before, they will not win any "Creative Parents of the Year" awards, but the good news is they all require almost no effort, and just might save your day.

1. Surprise Bath. What kid doesn't like a BATH. And today's bath is coming as a surprise - in the middle of the day! Make sure you add in loads of bubbles and a pile of new "toys". Head to the kitchen and stock up on egg beaters, basters, funnels...check out this post for more ideas.

2. Indoor picnic. Nothing spices up your 2000th piece of sliced apple like an indoor picnic. Lay a blanket out on the ground and pack up everyone's lunch. Teddy bears welcome!

3. Build a fort. A tried and tested classic. You'll need two tall-backed chairs (backs facing inwards) and a large blanket to start. Drape the blanket over the two chairs and you have your roof. Now add as many more chairs, side tables and blankets as you like. Don't forget to put pillows and a torch inside. If it's big enough, crawl in with the kids and read them a few of their favorite books. Another approach to fort building can be found here.

4. Order in a pizza. There are many reasons why America is awesome, and one of those reasons is pizza. Yes, I feed my kids healthy meals, which is exactly why every now and then it is okay to get an emergency pizza. Don't just keep the pizza joy to yourself, though, invite a neighbor and his or her kids over to share it with you! Chances are they need a bit of emergency Monday fun too.

I am pretty sure a bath, a picnic, a fort or a pizza will shine some happiness on even the most severe cases of Monday-itis, so get to it! Good luck saving Monday, parents of the world. You're superheroes, don't you forget it!

(Image: How To Build an Indoor Fort)

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