Guest Post: Emily Henderson's Bedroom Makeover Exclusive

Guest Post: Emily Henderson's Bedroom Makeover Exclusive

Mar 12, 2013
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Around the time that I started shopping for beds, I was contacted by Leggett & Platt to see if I would be interested in trying out one of their adjustable beds. Hmmmm. Since I never thought of using an adjustable bed in a master suite before, I was skeptical. But my inner rebel said 'hey, why not just lie down for a second?' After lying, adjusting, massaging and sitting up repeatedly (all the while practically falling asleep because I was so comfortable), I realized that I could absolutely get behind one of these.

It's like the Snuggie — the idea is good, they just normally look bad and have been plagued with such a stigma that they are a living, breathing, polyester joke of a product. But do I want to wrap myself in a premium, cashmere Snuggie to watch TV in February? Absolutely. Do I want to lie with my legs elevated on a premium bed to relieve my lower back while I have the massage setting on high? Badly. However, it clearly needed to be attractive, because as much as function is a very important part of my life, if it's ugly, it will NEVER fly. Ever. Seriously.

Luckily for me, Leggett & Platt gave their Designer Series adjustable beds a pretty linen base that looks great with my vintage headboard. Plus, I can blog and shop in bed whilst in the sitting position on Saturday morning, truly never needing to leave that comfort. I paired it with my vintage Baker campaign 50's nightstands that I've had for 5 years, which were found in a thrift store in the valley for $15 (because I'm a total valley-trolling thrifting sleuth). The lamps are vintage hot pink velvet bedroom lights that make me very happy every time I look at them. They aren't for everyone, nay, but they are for me right now. They are nuts, I know, but the symmetry of the space keeps it from being too crazy over-the-top and slightly more refined. And surprisingly, Brian actually loves them — he's confident like that.

When I shot my bedroom, I was having a bit of an Elizabeth Taylor 'moment' — leaning heavily towards old Hollywood glamour meets mid-century phase (think Bette Midler meets Mad Men). I wanted it to feel feminine and pretty, but still simple, because Lord knows that since I have enough clutter in the hole underneath my hair, I don't need/want any more visual clutter.

First, I found my headboard at an antique store. I'm not sure if it's 30's, 50's or 80's (it looks just like the Mad Men headboard so I'm thinking 50's) but I love the extreme over-the-top ruching. I reupholstered it in this super soft and PERFECT peacock-blue velvet. It's totally glamorous and luxurious, but since it's in a more masculine color, it's not toooooo over the top 'chick.'

My vintage 1930's deco rug was a Craigslist find — but check this out — FROM BETTE MIDLER'S house!!! NBD. I actually bought them from a picker, who bought them from her, but still…Bette probably once cried tears of joy as she watched Beaches over and over again on this rug — moved and weeping at her own performance. And now I can follow suit on this very same rug.

I styled the rest of the room with some pretty jewelry boxes, flowers, candles and another lamp (from West Elm) along with large paintings from a 60's artist whose work I love and am sure to buy whenever I see it at the flea market.

Overall, the space feels happy and young, and while the major pieces will stay the same, I undoubtedly will change out all of the accessories as my style schizophrenia continues. But for now, it's me, Brian and Bette Midler lying in bed, watching Beaches and getting massages.

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(Images: Laure Joliet)

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