May is Spring Cleaning Month!

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

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It’s spring, finally. Yesterday was so glorious, there was no mistaking it. And it felt like the entire population of SF was outside, enjoying the day. So where did this crazy idea of Spring Cleaning come from? On days like yesterday we like to be outside, where we can ignore the mess inside, and judging by the throngs in GG Park, most people seem to agree with us.

But we also know that we’d have been more relaxed this weekend if we’d known we were returning at the end of the day to an apartment that hummed softly with Calm. If we’d only taken a cue from all the little woodland animals that scour out their winter caves this time of year and purged our closets when it was raining nonstop just a couple short weeks ago! Then we could enjoy days like yesterday guilt-free.

So we’ve given this some thought and have decided that the best incentive to take The Cure is the promise of more open space in our home. Empty space invites renewal: new projects, new ideas, or just space to relax in. Either way, a veritable new lease on life.

And just how to you get more space? This is what we’ll be blogging this month, starting today. And we’re just as eager to figure this out as you are.

Also: it seems to us that spring cleaning is a green topic, not just for the woodland animals but for us small-space dwellers as well. So we’re going to try to blog the topic from a green POV.

What gets you sorting, tossing, scrubbing, and starting anew? Is it a great organizational system, a miraculous cleaning product, an inspired neat freak, or just an unwieldy collection of stuff from eBay? Tip us.