The Gallery: Emily Payne Show

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Last weekend a few of us trooped up to Earlville, New York, to see the new Emily Payne show. We went because she’s an old friend from San Fran who we don’t see very often, and we wanted to get away on quiet upstate roads, AND we were curious to see what she had cooked up. We weren’t disappointed.

The show was a mixture of sculpted wire forms and then drawings made from the shadows they cast. The wire forms started at the size of a breadloaf and grew to the size of a beanbag chair. Her ink drawings were all large (@ 3’x3′) and captured the essence of her lovely wire forms. They seemed to pop into three dimensions and defy gravity, hanging off the wall. Take a look.

Prices ran $500 from $1500. The show is at the Earlville Opera House through January. To see more of Emily Payne’s work, go to the Cecile Moochnek Gallery website, or contact the artist at