Emmbook for Baby: iPhone Baby Book App

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

If these two things are true: 1) despite your best intentions your child’s baby book which you had envisioned filling with everything from the minutiae of their daily life to the touching moments you always want to remember is empty and 2) you’re never without your iPhone (aka the playground boredom buster) – then Emmbook is for you.

We’ve been trying Emmbook out for a few weeks and it’s been fun documenting things in our son’s life we might not have if we didn’t have something readily at hand. There’s a section for noting their firsts, favorites (like foods, toys, etc.), and events (which we’ve interpreted liberally to include everything from attending a friend’s birthday party to a playdate in the park) as well as a diary section for recording medical information like weight and shots as well as tracking their feedings, diaper changes and nap habits (more valuable for newborns). You can enter the important people in your child’s life and even make a notation about gifts received from them (and, perhaps most helpfully, whether you sent a thank you note).

Of course no baby book is complete without photographs and since your iPhone is probably swimming with images of your child, it’s easy to add them to Emmbook and connect them to events or firsts you’ve recorded (as one reviewer put it, “sometimes it’s hard to distinguish between the first smile and the 100th.”). And, you can make separate books for multiple children within Emmbook.

Sure, written baby books have their charm, but not if you don’t use them. Emmbook makes it easy to record the little and big moments in your child’s life in the digital age.

The Emmbook App is $5 – learn more here.