Emotional Design: 5 Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Change Your Decor

We were browsing through our complimentary copy of
go magazine on an AirTran flight recently and stumbled upon an article titled, Home is Where The Heart Is. The article talks about
“Emotional architecture”–the internal system of feelings built by past experiences that make you react to your surroundings in a certain way. We’ve
posted about emotional architecture before on AT and were excited to see this subject repeated in our magazine. Exploring what sort of design we grew up with to what makes us happy now and being able to create that in our living space is amazing. The article posed
5 questions you should answer before changing your decor to help inspire designing a place you’ll want to call home.
  • What feelings do I want to inspire in the various parts of my house? And how can I achieve those feelings?
  • Where have I been happiest and what elements can I bring from that place?
  • What elements will be pleasing to me, my spouse, my children and any other occupants? How can we integrate all of our needs and wants and, most of all, our personalities into our home?
  • Am I creating the type of environment that will welcome me home after a hard day’s work? If not, how can I make it a more comforting place?
  • How do specific colors make me feel? How can I use (or not use) those colors as an additional way to evoke emotion?

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