Empiric Furniture

11-9-emperic-2-.jpg Okay, so we are going to say it – our favorite store in LA is Empiric.

Empiric has the most beautifully restored Deco and mid century furniture around and the best lamps we have ever seen.

Also lots of sexy, sturdy steel and metal office furniture all set in a whimsical atmosphere that looks like an old apothecary.

emperic 013.jpgEmpiric makes a lot of great furniture as well. Many of the pieces feel truly vintage, yet everything can be customized to fit your needs.

There is a clutter to the store that we would usually loathe, but every last detail seems important to the vibe, and most everything we touch is like a long lost friend waiting to come home with us. Prices are high, but justified.

Recommended by citysearch, who says that the owners’ “commitment to flawless artifacts of yonder is striking.”


This was originally posted 9/11/05