Encourage Budding Artists With Bound Sketchbooks

Encourage Budding Artists With Bound Sketchbooks

Sarah Rae Smith
Sep 8, 2011

If you have a young artist on your hands, you know all too well the serious influx of paper and doodles that quickly fill your house. There's many different ways to keep track of their talent, but one of our favorite methods is to encourage the medium in which they work.

I spent many years drawing my heart out on large rolls of newsprint paper. My parents would roll it down the length of our kitchen floor and I could draw and color for hours while they tackled a household project or read the newspaper from start to finish. Although the technique was inexpensive and made me quite happy, I don't have any record of those drawings now.

By encouraging your children to draw in blank sketchbooks, you're able to easily secure their doodles and drawings from a young age. Even if you don't feel you need to do so with tiny tots, by the time they hit Junior High it's worth your time to be able to catalog how their work evolves, even if it's just for their benefit to look back.

Sure you can keep individual papers, scan them in, make a scrapbook, keep a file, heck, even print a hardbound book, but nothing compares to flipping through book after book of original sketches when you're a grown adult. How do you encourage the artist in your house? Share your thoughts below!

(Image: Flickr member Markus Rodder licensed for use by Creative Commons)

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