No More Aching Wrists: Shopping for an Ergonomic Keyboard

No More Aching Wrists: Shopping for an Ergonomic Keyboard

Jeff Heaton
Jan 26, 2012

Years of hunching over a laptop in various uncomfortable positions has left a seemingly permanent crick in my neck and wrists. As the idea of severe carpal tunnel at the age of 30 doesn't appeal one bit, I'm looking for the latest in ergonomic keyboards for home use. Here are a few models on my short list for consideration...

Microsoft Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard 6000 ($32.99)
Slim, portable and attractive, I'm considering the Microsoft 6000 because I still have to work on the road at times and would like something to take with me. I also like the separate number pad. While it doesn't have quite the ergonomics of some of the other's I'm looking at, it's a compromise I'm willing to make for portability. Plus it just looks great next to my Mac.

Smartfish Reflex ($149.95)
The Reflex is well named, it's ergonomic functionality comes from its ability to react to how you move your hands. By detecting how you type, the Reflex can make adjustments to properly ease your wrist strain. The more active technique is complimented by the passive elements of shape and tactile buttons. It isn't wireless, but probably is best staying put anyway. It's also PC focused.

Goldtouch V2 ($99)
While not utterly alien looking like some ergonomic models, the V2 is a split keyboard. But with that somewhat goofy look is all kinds of adjustability. Vertical and horizontal adjustments and soft keys make this mountain of a keyboard, contrary to how it might seem, much better on the hands and wrists. Another keyboard with Mac plug and play absent, I like this for my Windows work.

What keyboard do you use? Tell us in the comments.

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Images: Breahn Foster

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