Energizer Xpal: Cheap and Effective Power Pack

Energizer Xpal: Cheap and Effective Power Pack

Range Govindan
Aug 21, 2009

It's a given that at some point your fancy smartphone will run out of power. These devices tend to suck a lot of juice, which is why there are so many different power packs available to recharge them. Most of these tend to be custom affairs, like the Mophie Juice pack since it only works for the iPhone, but this one is by Engergizer, and it will work with a slew of different gadgets.

Most portable devices will run out of juice. The only alternative is to carry spare ones. When that isn't possible, you're left with not a lot of choices but to purchase a power pack. Now we've seen quite a few on the market and they don't always tend to be very reliable. In fact, the Mophie Juice packs is supposed to break down quite a bit.

The good thing about Energizer's Xpal is that it works with any device that can be recharged via a miniUSB or microUSB cable. It is one of the cheapest and best external power solutions you can get. The Xpal will work for most mobile devices and can be recharged via USB, AC or a 12V outlet. The Xpal product line has a few different models available. They vary from the XP600, a credit-card sized device, to the XP18000, which is the size of a USB hard drive and can charge up your laptop. There is a power packthat will fit your charging needs.

The XP2000 costs about $45 and is about the same size as a Mophie Juice pack, only it works well. Since Energizer is making these, we have a feeling that they will be quite reliable, otherwise Energizer wouldn't bother getting into this market segment.

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