Energy Lock Wall Outlet Concept Won't Drain You

Energy Lock Wall Outlet Concept Won't Drain You

Kristen Lubbe
Apr 1, 2010

We can be somewhat forgetful people, which is one thing. We consider ourselves to be environmentally conscience and ready to make changes in our life to help reduce our foot print. If only we could just forget (no pun intended) the former &mdash we'd be in a lot better place.

Designed by Young Suk Kim, the Energy Lock is meant to help your household save electricity. We all should work a little harder to conserve energy, especially because we know our supplies aren't going to last forever.

We're all guilty of leaving items plugged in all night long, but sometimes it's so hard to remember to unplug each and every item we aren't using. Right now we couldn't image unplugging our entire entertainment center and every light in the house. We've been content with simply turning off the major items and unplugging items such as the toaster and coffee maker.

The Energy Lock is supposed to be an alternative to actually unplugging items. You plug in your item and turn the knob &mdash a timer is then set and once the time is up, the plug turns and shuts off power completely. It works much like a kitchen timer would, you can set for a light to stay on for 45 minutes, and then it automatically shuts off. Instead of having to set the TV timer when you're ready for bed, you can just use the Energy Lock.

Right now, the lock is just a concept &mdash but, we write about concepts like this all the time. We're really hoping the U.S. realizes how important it is for products like this to be made available to the masses.

[via Yanko Design]

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