Enhance it! The Myths of How Computers Work

Enhance it! The Myths of How Computers Work

Sonia Zjawinski
Dec 18, 2009

A few years back my mom called from California asking for help with her PC. She was having some sort of problem with an application (really, on a PC?) and as she struggled to explain what it was she finally asked, "Can you just get onto my computer through your computer and fix it?" She explained she had seen someone do just that in a movie or TV show and figured I would know how as well. Sorry mom.

There have been quite a few times when my parents, my friends, and even myself have completely misunderstood how certain technologies work and taken what they've seen in a movie or on a show to be accurate. The video above is a prime (and hilarious) example of how the media oversimplifies things and even exaggerates just what's possible with today's technology.

A fun thing to do at home is invite your nerdy IT friends (luckily my soon-to-be husband is one of those) and watch a movie/show where the characters throw out tech lingo. Watch your friends laugh uncontrollably at the nonsense being spewed out and get a chuckle in yourself.

Oh, and next time someone asks you what MacGyver would do, you can say, "Vector in on that guy!"

Thanks Dan!

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