Make Memories By Going Old-School With Your Camera

Make Memories By Going Old-School With Your Camera

Taryn Williford
Jul 19, 2010

As a home tech site, we're hardly ones to suggest that you shun new technology. But after a little reminiscing lately, we've been thinking about taking a step back in time and picking up our old 35mm camera again. We're not going for vintage shots or feeling nostalgic. We just know that old school film cameras will always have the edge on one thing: Creating memories instead of capturing them.

When we ventured into the web to upgrade the 2GB storage in our point-and-shoot, we couldn't have guessed we'd be considering a memory card that was 32x the size. Despite the visions that danced through our heads of taking thousands of pictures without unloading, we decided not to upgrade.

It wasn't the $350 price tagOK, maybe it had a little to do with the price tag. But we also thought about what it would mean to have a ton of camera storage. About going through an entire week-long vacation without putting the camera down. Some photogs might call this heaven. We were thinking about the other place.

We began to remember fondly what our lives were like back when we lugged around a 35mm camera. After you've snapped the best 36 shots, you were forced to put your camera down. You stopped capturing memories and began to help create them.

And when you got home, you didn't have to re-size, rotate and remove the red eye from 1,279 vacation photos.

So with a little bit of nostalgic thought, we made the (now easy) decision to skip on the huge memory card. We're going to stick with our modest storage and try to live life like we've got 36 exposures.

(Image: Flickr user Troy Holden under license from Creative Commons.)

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