Enlux Light Bulbs: Lighting for the Future

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A light bulb that saves energy but looks like a Cadillac (its the fins). Having won awards at Lightfair 2004, the new Enlux bulb was written up in the Times yesterday. It is a curious hybrid that mimics a warm pleasing light with red, green, blue and amber L.E.D.’s (light emitting diodes), the kind normally reserved for small operating lights on your computer or stereo. As stated by the company, “LED lighting is expected to become the primary method of lighting in the future.” When it comes to market this summer, it will be expensive ($50), but use 60% less energy and last 25 times longer than a normal bulb. Lets hope it REALLY is “warm and pleasing.” MGR

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L.E.D.’s Make for Warm Light but the Bulb Keeps Its Cool


Published: April 8, 2004


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Volkswagen AG

or Enlux Lighting, developing a floodlight bulb that uses light-emitting diodes but offers the same brightness as a 65-watt incandescent lamp meant overcoming a big problem: heat. That may seem odd, because most solid-state L.E.D.’s are not noticeably hot. But Dan Nelson, the Enlux marketing director, said that was mainly because of how they are used.

The small lights that indicate that an electric coffee pot is switched on or a cellphone is recharging operate at half a watt or less. “With the L.E.D. floodlight, we have 22 watts,” Mr. Nelson said.

To deal with the heat generated by its new L.E.D. floodlight, Enlux devised a variation of the system used on the air-cooled engine in the original Volkswagen Beetle. Fins increase the surface area to accelerate cooling.

The Enlux lamp, which will be available this summer, combines red, green, blue and amber L.E.D.’s to mimic the warm light that is produced by incandescent lamps