Enough Already! We’re So Tired of Overused Design Jargon

published Oct 7, 2014
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(Image credit: Anthony Nguyen)

The design world is built on what’s new and what’s next so it’s surprising to us that so many people are still stuck on some very tired, overused terms. Yes, we’re probably guilty of throwing out some of these from time to time but enough is enough. Let’s all agree to phase these phrases out? Pretty please?

1. Pop of color — In the overuse olympics, this is a gold medal winner. We get it, it’s kinda fun to say and clearly illustrates what it means, but c’mon, at this point, it just sounds silly.

2. Moment — As in, “What a lovely desk moment.” This doesn’t make sense! It never has and it never will. Try arrangement, color scheme or design on for size. They’ll all work and sound about a million times less pretentious.

3. Tablescape — NO. Just no.

4. -ista — Adding -ista to the end of every word is over. It was cute for five minutes in 2009 but let’s all stop beating that dead horse (morning show hosts, we’re looking at you).

5. Culled — We get it, you’re discerning. You have flawless taste. So choose your vocabulary with as much panache as your tchotchkes and mix it up once in a while, wouldya?

This is cathartic! Try it! Tell us, what design phrases make you cringe when you hear them?