Entertain Teens & Tweens With A Deck Of Cards

For a good many of you who are feeling a little pent up with the onslaught of cold weather, check out this simple twist on a deck of cards. It involves a bit of math and a pair of scissors, but it’s a far more educational way to entertain a teen or tween mind without the help of the t.v.!

While younger minds are easily swayed by cute crafts and the creation of decorations for the home, older minds usually need something a bit more challenging so they don’t resort to video games and movies (though everything has it’s place).

This card creation popped up over at Make and we quickly fell in love with its versatility and the large amount of shapes that can be made from them. Check out some ideas over in the Flickr pool as there’s some really rockin ideas to be had!

You can hit up Make for more on the science behind it all, but chances are, your kids will just be down with cutting a deck of cards to reassemble into this cool shape. You could even print out the pattern (Make has a full size version to trace) and slide it into a deck of cards to stash away in a holiday stocking.

The design can be assembled and deconstructed over and over again, or we think they’d even look neat hanging from the ceiling once completed. Try putting a small snack sized foam plate inside for stability to run a string trough for hanging.

(via: Make)
(Images: Make)