Entire Cathedral Built from Trash

This cathedral in Madrid is built almost entirely from trash and one ups the Cathedral of Junk in Austin. Built by Don Justo, who has no formal background in engineering, the cathedral is made from bricks salvaged from nearby factories and other found building materials.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

The cathedral’s design is loosely based on St. Peter’s Cathedral but also incorporates motifs found in castles, churches and even the White House. It has been under construction for the past 50 years in a quiet Madrid neighborhood and now measures in at approximately 131 feet tall. In addition to salvaged bricks, many of the concrete support columns use old oil drums. Salvaged tiles and paint buckets also adorn the walls of the towers.

And like the Cathedral of Junk in Austin, this building has no permits. So we’ll see what happens to it!

(Via Gizmodo. Images by Flickr Member Jose.Madrid licensed for use under Creative Commons)