Jonathan B.
Apr 8, 2008

Leslie at AT:SF reviewed Java-Logs a while back, and now there's another option in the un-wood-log category. Instead of coffee, this one's made of recycled waxed cardboard.

We're a little ticked about a gramatical slight of hand on the Enviro-Log website, which implies that the "inherently clean" food-grade wax required for use on waxed cardboard produce boxes makes Enviro-Logs superior to "other manufactured firelogs that use petroleum-based binders." This makes it sound like Enviro-Logs are free of petroleum, which is not necessarily the case. While there are non-petroleum sources of food-grade wax, much of it is plain old petroleum based paraffin.

Paraffin is often used to make candles, and that means, of course, that the logs burn really, really well. A bit too well, in fact: while the package claims that they'll last 3 hours, the best we got was about two. And they burn so cleanly that there are no coals left for roasting marshmallows -- and that's a real problem if you're camping. (Less ash, however, is a great advantage if you were burning the logs in a fireplace.)

Nonetheless, we can't argue with the price: we got ours on sale at 2 for $3.

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