E-Paper Cell Phones: The Amazing Future of Low Power Displays

E-Paper Cell Phones: The Amazing Future of Low Power Displays

Range Govindan
Oct 21, 2008

Despite the fact that electronic paper cell phones can only display information on their low-powered screens in black and white, they are so efficient that it just makes sense to have phones with e-paper screens. What's so cool about e-paper you might wonder? E-paper is a display technology that was designed to copy the way that ordinary ink looks on paper. Unlike other types of displays, which usually use a backlight to illuminate its pixels, e-paper reflects light just like ordinary paper. E-paper is capable of holding text and images indefinitely without drawing power. The displayed items can be changed later on. It's used in the new Sony Reader and the Amazon Kindle. Esquire had the first E-Ink cover and we recently used it to make a DIY E-Ink clock.

Until now, the only cell phone that has used e-paper in its display was the Motorola F3. In the coming months, we can look forward to this technology becoming more widespread. Having ultra-low power displays is a great thing for mobile phones. This means that phones can be used for longer amounts of time.

E-Ink Phone
Anthony Reed designed this E-Ink concept phone. He uses a grid like design to emphasize the grayscale use of the screen, which seems appropriate. His E-Ink Phone looks like it's designed around a central theme and if something like this makes it into production, it will sure attract a lot of attention. [via Yanko Design]

Nokia Aeon
Just like the previous concept phone, the Nokia Aeon embraces e-paper. The whole surface is a touchscreen and it looks a lot like the iPhone Nano that you've always wanted. Plus it has a slide-out e-paper display, so that you use it to text or send emails as well.

Esquire E-Ink Cover
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