Ephemera & More

Marina Yanen’s Ephemera & More shop includes an ecclectic mix of original art, handmade items, vintage and upcycled items. The selection of items gives you a window into her world and shows the many ways that the old world can be made new and fashionable again. If nothing else, her work and found items will provide you with tons of inspiration.

With several years of training and experience in art, architecture and design in Vancouver, Marina draws inspiration from the supernatural landscape of British Columbia’s West Coast and the sense that she is giving an item a new, decorative and useful life.

She recently made a move from Vancouver to rural Campbell River on Vancouver Island, a region accessible by ferry. Seeking a simpler life filled with nature and serenity, she also stumbled onto a tiny cultural hub in the remote community. Campbell River has a busy arts scene and a downtown core that still retains its 1950s architecture. Several thrift stores still filled with 1950s ephemera and charm. These shops are the source for many of Marina’s upcycled, collage and vintage supplies.

Ranging from $5 to $250, Marina’s unique items are available through her website, her etsy shop or from Graffiti Co Art Studio Gallery in North Vancouver.

“There is so much personality in old things, once priceless and cherished, now orphaned in dusty basements or attics – in some way I feel sorry for them almost as if they were alive and had feelings of their own. Rescuing them from oblivion is one of my greatest rewards.”
– Marina Yanen