10 Things That Say Home to Of A Kind Co-Founder Erica Cerulo

published Aug 29, 2018
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(Image credit: Jennifer Young Studio)

If you’ve ever loved a new purchase as much for its appearance as for the story behind it, Of A Kind may be your new shopping destination. Highlighting the makers almost as much as the items they make, the site is the brainchild of longtime friends Erica Cerulo and Claire Mazur. Cerulo brought years of working in print, including the dearly departed Lucky magazine, to create a different kind retail experience.

While they focus primarily on fashion, they also sell home goods and stationery as well as other small items. (Sriracha rattle, anyone?) We asked Erica to share some of her own favorite buys that help her home feel one “of a kind.”

10 Things That Say ‘Home’: The people might be what really makes a house a home, but great stuff can help too. We’re asking some of our favorite people what 10 things make their space feel like their own.

(Image credit: Of A Kind)

“When I was about halfway through burning my first of these candles, my husband asked if it could be our apartment’s signature scent. So, now it is. It smells like a drive through orange trees in Italy.”

(Image credit: Lizzie Fortunato)

Lizzie Fortunato Ikat Linen Pillow, $125 at Lizzie Fortunato

“One of my very favorite jewelry lines Lizzie Fortunato, which we’ve sold on Of a Kind since 2010, also makes pillows! My business partner Claire got me a couple of these beauties for Hanukkah a few years back, and they help compensate for a couch that’s seen better days.”

(Image credit: Of A Kind)

“I’m truly embarrassed by how much time I spent looking for a pretty dustpan on the internet before Good Thing released theirs, which, I should note, is at least half the price of all of the other design-y ones I ever surfaced.”

(Image credit: Etsy/Teia Atelier)

“Oh, how many things I love, love about Portugal. Including the rugs. This Etsy seller makes those super-accessible, and I especially like the small ones for an entryway or as a bathmat.”

(Image credit: Bed Bath & Beyond)

Neato Botvac D85 Robot Vacuum, $300 at Bed Bath & Beyond

“You can call this by its full name if you want, but we just call it Neato in my home. It’s responsible for taking thrice-weekly jaunts around the apartment and absolutely shocking/disgusting me by how much crud it picks up and how much better that makes the whole space feel without me having to do anything at all.”

(Image credit: Haptic Lab)

Great Lakes Quilt, $219 at Haptic Lab

“My husband Thomas and I are both Midwesterners, and a quilt that we’ll have forever and ever feels like a spot-on way to commemorate that.”

(Image credit: MoMa Design Store)

Hay Lup Candleholder in Copper, $29 at MoMa Design Store

“There’s a lot of cooking at home at my house, and the thing that signals that it’s dinnertime is lighting a candle in this little guy. (Blowing it out means it is, less excitingly, time for dishes.)”

(Image credit: Target)

“My cabinet space is limited, so having glasses that can do wine, water, espresso, whatever is key. Bonus: They stack and will run you less than $2 each.”

(Image credit: Le Creuset)

“How long I have owned this, exactly? I think as long as I’ve had a grown-up apartment, but you’d never know by looking at it. Mine is Cerise red, but reading this made me want one in the original orange Flame.”

(Image credit: Jenni Kayne)

“Currently, I’m only permitted to have a very small one of these fluffs on my nightstand—the case being that I have a real-live bunny to snuggle with (but she’s so much less amenable!). Consider this my plea for a larger version.”