Erin Tavin

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Erin Tavin, proprietor of the Tavin Boutique, shared her summer style with us:

Sun or Shade?: Shade- oh to be in a summer rainstorm in Big Sur-heaven!

The Color of Summer 2010: White and french blues are the best summer colors here at the boutique. I sell so many white dresses its crazy! its cool and boho looking and easy and always looks beautiful and fresh no matter what age! Also mixed light colors in vintage 70s indian dresses -all faded and beautiful!

All Time Favorite Vacation:

We are going camping in Oregon this summer and I cant wait! We brake for any kind of water – my husband and I. We jump under waterfalls into lakes and streams. Everything water! Bathing suit or not – so refreshing the feeling! Heaven! I am hoping we spend my birthday at Esselon this year in Big Sur – the beauty of the ocean and all the hot springs are great!

I also am a big fan of the Berkshires in the summer all those outdoor concerts in little towns – swimming and reading and music at night sitting on the grass with a picnic and reat fresh summer food and wine – the ocean or a lake nearby – it’s just a dream for me!

Most Refreshing Summer Drink:

Watermelon frothy tequila drink that my husband makes – yummy as can be – we just call it the watermelon drink, Also fresh peaches with tequlila all frothed up in the blender – tastes great too all fresh ingredients – peaches from our tree.

Planted In The Garden This Year:

Well we just recently started an organic garden – its very small but so far we have squash (enormous) and lettuce (tasty) but its very exciting that it came from our very own garden.

I am hoping we can have some of my favorite kind of tomatoes soon and some corn too – it’s a little garden but it’s a first so its really cool to have it – and I hope the master chef in my house keeps it going.

Essential Summer Song for Party Playlist:

Well, it’s gonna date me but i just went to hear James Taylor and Carol King at Madison Square Garden so Im playing that album kind of alot since I got back – every song in it is beautiful and reminds me of summers as a kid in the mountains. Lets say it’s for a pretty mellow party- campfire in the backyard, that kind of party – where people can listen and talk to each other.

Best Book in Beachbag:

I just finished “Little Bee” which I could not put down (on the bestseller list) and was a PERFECT summer book to take to the beach or any vacation spot. I also just finished this book thats been re-issued called “The Lonely Passion Of Judith Hearne” by Brian Moore which was a great woman’s read. It’s from the 1950s and has just been reissued. It’s a I cant put down book for any woman!

Thanks, Erin!

To celebrate the start of Summer, Apartment Therapy has asked some of the most stylish people we know to answer a few survey questions on how they enjoy the season.
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