Ernsdorf Concete Design

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Concrete fabrication has been one of those great advances for modern home builders in the past 15 or so years. A material that has been used for so long in other ways was finally mastered for use a sculptured form.

Ernsdorf Design is run by Seth and Stephen Ernsdorf each coming to the table with years of experience in stone, ceramics, tile installation and other masonry and sculpting skills.

According to their website when properly cured and sealed, concrete will retain it’s quality and beauty for decades. It can be chipped or blemished by acids [vinegar if not cleaned up in 24 hrs] but concrete is comparably easier to repair. Industrial Strength sealers are available.

The last we heard, concrete, though you would think would be an economical way to go, was quite pricy. We haven’t contacted Ernsodorf Design to see if prices have fallen like those lovely Plasma Tvs that were 10k a few years ago.

Does anyone have recent experience with concrete? How are the prices in comparison with other materials these days?