Escape Inspiration: Old-Time Sleeper Cars

We traveled the Eastern European sleeper car circuit quite heavily when we visited Europe and Russian years ago. The most adventurous journey? From St. Petersburg to Moscow. The sleeper car was replete with “luxuries” like frilly curtains (much like above), flowers, refreshments, and a nifty, Russian-language toiletry kit that we’ve held onto to this day…

That ride felt like a step way back in time. Yes, the quarters were tight, but there was a certain dignity in the small details that’s missing in plastic fold-down AmTrak accommodations. We’ve yet to encounter such window treatments and flowers on a train again!

More decked-out sleeper compartments:
1 via Trans-Siberian Express
2 the sleeper car set design from the Chanel No. 5 film, via ifitshipitshere blogspot
3 A sleeper car between Warsaw and Moscow, via Bob Cromwell

What’s the extent of your sleeper car train travels? Any small-space design tips gleaned from the experience?